Commercial film and photo creating content that matter for brands that matter.




We create content that matters for brands that matter.









The Human Expansion Co. is an award winning commercial, film and photography studio offering script-to-screen services for animation, film, video and photography. We partner with brands and agencies to conceive, develop, produce, post and deliver efficient, effective and engaging content that expands upon your messaging goals.

From script to screen, our team is prepared to handle the entire content creation process. Between our stable of Hollywood grown directors, still photographers and editors along with our network of audio, music and VFX partners, we offer a fully integrated studio approach to crafting content so that our clients don't have to worry about a thing.

Established in 2016 by David G. Stone, formerly Head of Film at Ogilvy in the US West, and Jason Cochard, a long-time feature film and television cinematographer, we produce anywhere in the world that stories are waiting to be found—or beyond. If people can get there, we can produce it there.


Looking for something specific? We’ve got you covered. We’re happy to offer the following services à la carte or in a custom package for agencies that may not need our full package:

  • Creative Development

  • Directing

  • Writing

  • Producing

  • Offline Editing

Let us know what you need and we’ll make it so.


Not all projects need the full force of a creative production emporium, yet we’re still here to be a partner for all your creative production needs, not just the big ones. We offer hourly consulting to patch the gaps, support your internal endeavors and maximize the impact of smaller projects.

Our team has developed visual storytelling guidelines that drive the content of multi-national brands and helped advise our clients on the best gear to purchase for day to day content needs. Whether you’re just starting out or building your own internal content studio, we’ll guide you through the process to achieving your content goals.